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I’ve Found my Sense of Style Again


So, this may sound a little silly. I feel like I’ve found my sense of style again. It has been in hiding for a bit. Carrying around extra weight, after baby #2 sent me on a quest for comfort. It’s funny how having a baby can turn your whole world upside down, transform your body and even your mind too.

Fashion has always been intertwined into my sense of self. It’s a part of me. A piece of the bigger picture.

Style can actually tell you so much about a person. When I meet a stranger, I actually tend to glance them over and compliment one thing about them if we begin chatting. Maybe it’s a nerdy chic pair of glasses, that perfect shade of red lipstick or a killer pair of converse shoes.  Then, like magic- a door opens. A conversation begins and sometimes, a friendship forms.

Motherhood is daunting in every way, shape or form. Losing my sense of me- my style was depressing and made me feel invisible to everyone except my dear kiddos. I’m often reminded of my beauty that God created from the mouth of my sensitive 3 year old Saida.

Thankfully, I found a brand with spunk, quirk and a whole lot of comfort. It’s helping me find me.
Honest. I’m not just a SAHM, I’m creative, funny, and beautiful. I’ve struggled with postpartum depression, add my anxiety to that- it’s a mess. But, when I feel like myself, and look like myself, I feel better. I’m starting to  work on making myself happy.

For me, Lularoe was another door. It opened and it welcomed me with a big warm hug. I’m not usually so brand conscious or loyal, but…Lula won my heart. I feel good, I feel like I look good too. And that is worth every penny.


Brianna Dale