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Why I’m loving LuLaRoe

I signed up to sell thinking that it would be a great source of income and give me a little break from pharmacy. However, it's offered me so much more than that. This brand, LulaRoe, embraces all women, and brings them together in amazing ways. First of all, the prints are all over the map. My beautiful may not be your beautiful and vice versa. These clothes are sexy and attractive on an XXS and a 3XL. It's not sexy in a "here...

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Flattering & Timeless: The Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a timeless piece that can be work all year. It flatters every body type, and can go from daytime casual to a night out. It's also a piece that leaves you looking very sexy but at the same time modest and classy. First, what shoes to wear? Pumps, flats, and ankle boots all look great. You could even go casual with a tennis shoe. I think high rise boots are hit or miss. If you are going to try it I would recommend some clear separation between boot and skirt. They are probably my least favorite combo, but some people seem to make it work. Probably a better combo on a tall girl, which I am not. You...

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Plan That Party Outfit: Girls Night Edition

You don't need to sacrifice comfort for style. The key is to stay classic and flattering for your girl’s night out. First, make sure to put on your sexiest accessory- your confidence. And don't forget this is GIRL'S night out. The point is to have a fun time with your friends. Find something that you can move in comfortably. If you like heels, grab your hottest pair, but if you're going to end up barefoot and dragging shoes around just skip the high heels. Don't, I repeat, don't head out until you feel beautiful. Nothing is worse than feeling insecure all night. If you feel like you just aren't put together, give your girlfriend a call to come over and fix...

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