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Oh Julia!

  I want to introduce you all to someone in my life…someone very important to me, her name is Julia. Julia is form fitting and flattering on all body types! She’s the perfect date night dress that hugs all the right curves in all the right places. Julia can be dressed up or down depending on the look you are going for. Adding a belt, some chunky jewelry, or a chambray top can really add character to the outfit. For date night adding a heel or a cute half boot is always appealing. If it’s a bit chilly outside a cute cardigan or scarf can be added as well. The options are endless. This dress is momma tested and hubby approved!  My favorite...

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I’ve Found my Sense of Style Again

So, this may sound a little silly. I feel like I've found my sense of style again. It has been in hiding for a bit. Carrying around extra weight, after baby #2 sent me on a quest for comfort. It's funny how having a baby can turn your whole world upside down, transform your body and even your mind too. Fashion has always been intertwined into my sense of self. It's a part of me. A piece of the bigger picture. Style can actually tell you so much about a person. When I meet a stranger, I actually tend to glance them over and compliment one thing about them if we begin chatting. Maybe it's a nerdy chic pair of glasses, that...

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Life of a Stay At Home Mom- Comfort Always Comes First

As a stay at home mom on the go there is one thing that is incredibly important to me when styling my clothes: comfort. Comfort is wonderful; it sometimes can come off frumpy and ill put together. As a grown woman I feel appearance is important, as well as feeling comfortable in your own skin. I often felt I was sacrificing one for the other. I'd either look great and feel incredibly uncomfortable; my outfit was too tight, too short, etc. or I would be super comfortable but not feel or look put together. Recently, a dear friend introduced me to LulaRoe. I must admit I was sceptical at first, I mean direct sales on clothing...

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