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Oh Amelia!

I want to introduce you to another friend of mine, her name is Amelia. I love Amelia because she is classy enough for Church, date night, or going out on the town but is also so versatile and can be dressed down for everyday wear as well! A chambray top, cardigan, leggings, chunky necklace or scarf can be added for an extra touch. The options are endless! For you nursing mommas out there I have a secret for you...

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I’ve Found my Sense of Style Again

So, this may sound a little silly. I feel like I've found my sense of style again. It has been in hiding for a bit. Carrying around extra weight, after baby #2 sent me on a quest for comfort. It's funny how having a baby can turn your whole world upside down, transform your body and even your mind too. Fashion has always been intertwined into my sense of self. It's a part of me. A piece of the bigger picture. Style...

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Go-to Clothing

As women, we always have the one piece of clothing that we can always wear no matter what how we are feeling. Jeans used to be that for me, until I was introduced to LuLaRoe. That fateful November night I figured I would check out the Facebook party and see why everyone was talking about these leggings. I was nervous about the prints (come on what woman after having kids really wants to draw attention to their problem areas?!) but I...

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